Tips to Complete Title Tag - How to Optimize?

Complete Title Tag
Does your website rank high in the search engines? If yes, then keep doing the good work by the readers of your website engaged. What if it doesn’t rank high in google searches? In such cases, you have to work on some things. Among those things, the title tag is the first, and most important one. Optimising the title tag alone won’t be sufficient for the ranking, but it will add value to your website regardless. This article is also all about optimising the title tags. Thus, before wasting any time further, let’s see how one can do this.

How to Optimise a Title Tag?

A title tag is the HTML tag in the head section of each webpage. The title tag provides a website’s readers with an initial understanding of the whole document. For example, the title of a webpage is “Best Assignment Writing Services in the UK.” The reader knows that this webpage is all about assignment writing services. This is the purpose of a title tag. Now coming towards how one can optimise it. What does the word optimisation mean? It means that there will be hundreds of web pages related to essay writing services on a search page. Where is your page? Surely, you want your page up in the search engines. For this, you need to follow some techniques that are explained as follows;

Title Tag Formatting

The first step in optimising a title tag is to know which format works the best. Remember, there is not a single right or wrong way to write title tags. Every title tag has its own formatting, and you need to find it. The formatting of a title tag is quite simple. According to Google itself, the best strategy is to be “descriptive, and concise.” Therefore, the strategy below can help your webpage a lot.

Primary Keyword And Secondary Keyword

This formatting is short, sweet, and makes it easy to target specific keywords. The average length of most search queries is based on three words. Therefore, it is best to target good descriptive keywords. For example, in, “Best Assignment Writing Services in the UK”, the best strategy would be to use assignment writing services as the primary keyword. This is how everything works in the formatting of title tags.

Give Each Page A Unique Title

Coming up with a unique title for thousands of web pages seems difficult. But it is also necessary to help understand in terms of search engines that your pages are unique and valuable. Most content management systems use H1 as the meta title tag, which is good in some cases.

But most of the time, this is not good, especially for optimising web pages. A good SEO strategy is to give each page a unique title. One can take help from existing page rankings and the most researched keywords for doing this. To effectively optimise the title tags, avoid using generic title tags. These generic tags can be “Blog on the best assignment writing services in the UK.” The word “blog” is very common, and won’t help increase your web page’s ranking.

Put The Most Relevant Keyword First

The next strategy is to put your most relevant keyword close to the title tags. This strategy is a time tested technique and helps bring a small impact on your ranking. It will also bring better click through rates. As mentioned earlier, the normal search words on google are three words. Therefore, you should put the most relevant three words near to title tag. It will increase the ranking of your webpage. For example, “Best assignment writing services in the UK.” You should put “assignment writing” close to your title tag to better optimise it.


Be Aware of the Title Tag Length:

When optimising title tags, the length also holds loads of importance. The title tags should not exceed 50-60 characters. If your title tags exceed this limit, they will be truncated by SERP. Sometimes, Google can suggest better title tags for optimising a webpage. Most of the time, Google suggestions cut off the branding words or primary keywords. Therefore, it is not advisable to use those suggestions more often. Research has shown that title tags 14 to 40 characters long have 86.4 clicks through rates. Thus, along with everything, length is an important factor that should be considered.

All in all, optimising the title tags is extremely important for enhancing the page’s rankings. The tips mentioned above will surely help you within this context.

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