Facebook Stories - Did Facebook Copied Snapchat’s Main Feature?

Facebook Stories
Not a lot of days ago, LinkedIn were apparently too desperate to copy Facebook’s desktop interface and everyone could not stop talking about how odd it was and how LinkedIn was trying too hard to make people keep on visiting it. And now, Facebook has made a similar awkward move. Facebook has been reported to have copied snapchat. But this is also not the first time it is happening. Facebook has been after snapchat for a while, failed attempts to buy snapchat and Facebook copies snap chat for the fifteenth time. Have you noticed the new facebook messenger camera? Does it sound familiar to you? It has been going on since last year August that Facebook has copied instagram. And now, Facebook is also not the only one to have copied the snapchat ‘stories’ and an option to share it with friends or whoever you want to pick individually.

Instagram too has copied the same feature and it is as if it was open for public to come and copy whatever you want. This copying was rather shameless and the Facebook developers are not bothered. The changes have been made live in Ireland already. People seem to be enjoying the new feature. Facebook, instagram and snapchat were three entirely different platforms but we think that Facebook is still people’s primary social media app. Having all the features stolen from other apps, soon you will no longer need snapchat. Facebook is slowly becoming a bit of everything. This competition couldn’t be more heated and Facebook is just waiting for it’s in app camera to test to make the changes live in the rest of the world. Apart from the accusations on Facebook on openly creating an identical snapchat feature, we think this is what people will love.

Apparently there have never been more instagram or snapchat users. Users using Facebook have always been in a greater number by double as compared to snapchat or instagram. Would Facebook agree that they have copied the main feature or just like LinkedIn Facebook too would say something like since both are mobile apps they use the same kind of interface and it is not copy? Although, ever since instagram copied the story thing ditto from snapchat, people who used snapchat did not stop using Snapchat because one feature is available in two places, they simply used both apps simultaneously. Since this is now not a new feature, people are already used to with the way it works and is making the most of both the apps.

With Facebook joining in with the same feature all over again, we don’t yet know how people and Facebook fans will now react and one more interesting question that rises is that if people will be able to use the feature for their businesses on Facebook like they do over at snapchat. Another funny thing that people are now pointing out and talking about is facebook’s strict policy of using third party content on their website, Facebook recently sent a warning to a user for using their photo which was taken through snapchat. Facebook warned the user and threatened them for banning on a certain date. So yes, you should delete your photos taken from a snapchat camera while Facebook uses the whole snaptchat feature shamelessly!

Users of snapchat, they download their stories and share them on instagram and other places they will have to be warned about posting the same downloaded stories on Facebook. Facebook also uses the same 24 hour rules in their new (copied) feature. Pictures and stories will disappear after 24 hours, sounds familiar? They also have copied the look of the stories and if you tap on the stories on Facebook and snapchat opens u, do not be alarmed, that’s not snapchat opened accidently, that is the new or not very new feature of Facebook. Facebook may have felt the need of doing so because of the fact that people have now started moving towards photo sharing more than ever. People find taking photos more fun than just writing statuses and this has become very popular after instagram.

Instagram has been running independently and just by surviving on photos. Initially instagram was there to upload photos but now with stories even inagram has moved from just becoming a photo sharing and filter using app. Talking about filters and clip art used on photos, what if we tell you that you can take a photo and then select a filter for the Facebook stories? Will is sound familiar to you? Believe us when we say we are as dumbfounded as you are. Facebook also will use the feature of friends sending messages on photos and no you do not need to have a Facebook messenger for that, it just works fine without messenger and you can check your log of photo comment messages sent from your story. The stories will not appear on the newsfeed unless you select to do so.

It will be fun to see where things go once Facebook starts updating all the apps around the world and we start using the new or not so new feature. Facebook has been somewhat suspicious in their app installing permissions and privacy policies so there may be some reasons why people would not initially find the app very safe. But then it is Facebook and it makes you fall for it and you end up doing what you thought you will never do with this particular app. Once the changes are updated, it will be fun to see where things go once the app upgrades and we get the story feature. It will be fun, let’s admit, to have stories on Facebook and there will be more reasons to log in to Facebook every time and in the middle of the work. If apps can survive just by sharing photos, Facebook is offering lots more than that so perhaps people will forget about the sin!

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